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Private SUP lessons for 1 + dog

Private SUP lessons for 1 + dog

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Learn how to SUP with your dog! 

*Our SUP lessons are tailored to you and your dog, so there are no prerequisite requirements for ability. It is usually more fun with a friend! We use the Redback Nomad 11’ epoxy boards which are very high quality, stable, and beginner friendly.

Each lesson is 45-minutes. We set up and pack up, before and after each lesson. We run weekend and midweek lessons. We take photos of you and your dog to memorialise the experience. These are free in high resolution after each session.

We do have some requirements unrelated to ability.
• Your dog must be okay with water. The scope of the lessons doesn’t account for water desensitization, but we can help you with that in regular training sessions prior to commencing the SUP lessons if you would like.
• You must be able to swim at a reasonable level.
• The combined weight of you and your dog should not exceed 100kgs OR 115kgs if the dog weighs less than 15kgs. This is due to the weight capacity of the board, and weight distribution changes if the dog moves on the board but can also be influenced by ability.
• Highly distracted dogs are more difficult to teach, so it is preferable if the dog can focus on you when out and about. We would love for you and your dog to be on the water as quickly as possible. Some dogs take longer to trust the board than others, and the level of engagement facilitates that trust.
• Dogs must be on a reliable lead. Long lines accepted if you are proficient at using it. No retractable leashes allowed.
• Flat collars and harnesses only. Harnesses with a handle are preferred over collars. If your dog has a life jacket, even better! Slip leads, head halters, and martingale collars are not accepted for this activity for safety reasons.
• Sunblock for the humans is essential.
• Swimwear or lightweight clothes for the humans is recommended.
• Although not essential, we recommend wearing water shoes to protect your feet.
• Bring high value treats and toys for your dog as well as water, and towels.

Lessons are weather dependent, so we might have to reschedule. We try our best to anticipate the weather, but it sometimes doesn’t do what we expect it to. Heavy rains, moderate to strong winds, or extreme temperatures put people and dogs at risk. Safety is our primary concern.

Early mornings are preferred on weekends as they are conducted in public spaces and there are less people and dogs around during those times. We conduct the lessons at Westlakes on Corcoran Dr.

Vouchers are transferable via prior arrangement, and are non-refundable.*

Thank you for your interest. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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